Atlas Graham Furgale (AGF)

10" Utility Cleaning Pad - Agressive

Black 10" aggressive pad for use with Handheld or Swivel Padlock tools. Used to strip and prepare floors for refinishing.

SKU: E9-693

AGF Dust Mop Metal Frame

For use with a tie-on dust mop. Available in various sizes

SKU: O4-41718

Clip-On Dust Mop Handle - 60"

60" vinyl - covered metal clip-on handle is easy to attach to rigid mop frames. Can be adjusted for 360° swivel, or rigid sweeping.

SKU: O4-14600

Delicate Surfaces Ultrafibre Hand Cloth - Blue

These silky blue microfibre cloths remove fingerprints, oils and dirt from glass and chrome, leaving behind only a gleaming, clean surface.

SKU: E9-605

Electrastat Tie-On Cut-End Dust Mop - Green

Electrastat is a heavy nylon yarn that attracts dust without mop treatment and is exceptionally long-wearing. Available in various sizes.

SKU: O4-24818

Heavy Duty Corn Broom

100% corn with a 3-string/1 steel band construction

Light Duty Corn Broom

Light duty, short handled corn broom

Microfibre Ultrasilver General Purpose Hand Cloth

AGF Ultrasilver hand cloths combine the cleaning power of Millentex microfibre with the antibacterial benefit of silver.

SKU: E9-60370

Microsilver Handyscrub

Polypropylene scrubber bristles treated with Silver Ion technology won't start to smell even if they stay damp for an extended amount of time.

SKU: E9-60360