Merfin 1002 Jumbo Center Pull Towel Dispenser

Jumbo center pull dispenser, takes 792 & 725 towel.

SKU: D8-1002

Merfin 725 2 Ply Centre Pull Paper Towel 600' x 6 rolls

600' x 6 rolls per case. 8". Centre pull towel.

SKU: D1-725

Merfin 730 2 Ply Centre Pull Paper Towel 350' x 6 rolls

8", 350' x 6 rolls per case. Centre pull towel.

SKU: D1-730

Merfin 7850N Kraft Roll Towel 7.5", 800' x 6 Rolls

7.5", 800' x 6 Rolls per case. Kraft roll towels. Excellent dispensing strength and performance.

SKU: D1-7850N

Merfin 7850T Tad White Roll Towel 7.5", 600' x 6 rolls

Aircell through-air-dry technology. Superior absorbency. Hand drying efficiency.

SKU: D1-7850T

Merfin 7850W White Roll Towel 7.5", 800' x 6 rolls

Merfin® 7.5" Exclusive Roll Towel, White, 1 Ply, 6 Rolls @ 800 Feet.

SKU: D1-7850W

Merfin Airlaid Touch of Linen Guest Towel

12" x 7", 1/6 fold. A fine disposable paper napkin that looks and feels like linen. Plain white airlaid guest towel.

SKU: D5-06126

Merfin Hands Free Roll Towel Dispenser

Exclusive dispenser for 7900w.

SKU: D8-1060

Merfin Premium 1-Ply 7" Toilet Paper

18 Rolls per case; 1500' per roll

Merfin Premium 2 ply Jumbo Bath Tissue

7" Jumbo Bath Tissue’s high-capacity provides fewer refills and reduces labor costs.

SKU: D7-209

Merfin Premium White Towel 800ft

Each Roll is 10 in x 800 ft. 6 rolls per case.