Ostrich Feather Duster

13" Soft ostrich feather duster designed for the needs of the janitorial trade. Complete with wooden handle and hang-up cap.

Wooly Wonder - Big Pro

28" handle, natural lambswool duster.

Wooly Wonder - Ceiling and Wall Head

Horizontal design makes dusting walls and ceilings easy.

Wooly Wonder - Corner Duster

100% natural lambswool. Frame fits on any extension to get into tight corners.

Wooly Wonder - Flex

The Wooly Wonder Flex duster comes on a fixed 28" handle, perfect for dusting within arm's reach.

Wooly Wonder - Hi-Rise Extendable Duster

44" handle retracts to a compact 30" length.

Wooly Wonder - Super Flex Flexible and Extendable Duster

The flexible and extendable duster handle extends from 32" to 60".