Cake Boards

8" 0.45 Silver Scalloped Edge 2 Ply Foil Board

You'll love this attractive, reflective, non-embossed cakeboard. Ideal for In-Store and Processor Applications

Cake Board Rectangular Corrugated Embossed Foil Wrapped

12" x 17", 1/4" thick or 9.75" x 13.75", 3/16" thick

Cake Board Rectangular Corrugated Foil Wrapped

15" x 22", 1/4" thick, silver colour

Cake Board Round Corrugated with Embossed Foil Wrap

Choose from various sizes and display your desserts in style!

Cake Board Round Silver Scalloped Edge

10" Diameter, 0.7" or 0.45" thickness. An attractive, reflective non embossed laminated solid pressboard. You'll absolutely love its European Style Appearance.

Cake Board Square Corrugated Embossed Foil Wrapped

Choose from sizes: 10" x 10", 1/4" thick or 14" x 20", 1/4" thick