Full Cutlery Sets

6 - Piece Meal Kit - Fork, Knife, Spoon, Salt, Pepper, and Napkin

Individually Wrapped Packaged 6 Piece - White, Light weight Polypropylene Fork, Knife, Soup Spoon, Salt & Pepper Packet and 1-Ply Paper Napkin 8” x 13”.

SKU: I2-828373

Dart Heavy Weight Black Cutlery Kit - HSK8Y-0004

Full-size and heavy weight makes this a perfect match for high-end takeout.


Polypropylene Cutlery

Economical cutlery with unmatched strength and performance! POLAR Pro is Canada’s most recognizable medium duty cutlery line. Engineered with an I-beam design, Pro is a considerably more rigid than competitive polypropylene cutlery lines, with the optional availability of Polystyrene for added rigidity.

SKU: I2-70043

Rolled Cutlery in Linen-Like Dinner Napkin

Black band and Black cutlery, rolled inside a white linen-like napkin.

SKU: I2-119971

Take Out Cutlery Pack with Napkin, Salt, Pepper

Utensil kit including knife, fork, soup spoon, napkin, salt and pepper.