Plates and Platters

Paper Plates (Uncoated and White)

Uncoated, crisp white, shallow paper plates

Pie Plate

9" Paprus Pie plate to complete your dining experience, just make sure to leave room for dessert!

Royal Chinet Dessert Plate

The ultimate plate to fit your dining needs

Royal Chinet Dinner Plate

Versatile but basic enough for everyday use.

Royal Chinet Lunch Plate

Impress your guests with this strong, stylish and functional lunch plate.

Royal Chinet Oval Platter

Food service is seldom measured by the fare alone. Be sure to leave a lasting impression on your guests with this Natural pulp molded fibre oval platter.

White Foam Plate

The smallest plate in the foam dinnerware collection. If you need a plate to serve small salads or desserts on that will match the rest of the dinnerware you choose, let it be this one. It will not disappoint.

White Paper Plate - Dixie

Dixie Ultra® Plates are the strongest paper plates on the market. Moisture resistance, grease resistance, dry and wet rigidity make Dixie Ultra Plates a strong ally. A unique multi-layer design is responsible for the remarkable inner strength of Dixie Ultra Plates. Multiple layers combine forces to stand up to the heaviest, messiest foods you serve.