Cocktail/Bar Straw

Inner Diameter 3mm. Available in Black.

SKU: I7-920755

Regular White Drinking Straw

Regular straw Inner diameter is 3.675 mm. Choose from several differnt lengths

SKU: I7-010100

Sip and Mix Bar Straw

Available in white and red with stripe.

SKU: I7-101100

Straw - Black Cocktail

Available in 2 sizes. 2,500 per case.

Straw - Milkshake

Available in a variety of sizes.

Straw - Regular

Available in a variety of sizes

Straw - Spoon

Red, available in 8"

Super Cocktail Straw

Inner Diameter is 5.5mm. Available in Black colour, choose from two different lengths

Super Jumbo Cocktail Straw

Inner diameter is 7.00 mm. Available in Black.

Super Jumbo White Straw

Choose from two different lengths

Unwrapped Milkshake Straw

Inner Diameter is 5.50mm. Available in white

SKU: I7-10MS