Apron - Polyurethane

100% polyurethane in 5.5 mil thickness. Yellow.

Apron - White

Single-use apron made from spun-bond prolypropylene repels water and oil.

Cast Polyethylene Gown With Thumb Holes and Tie Back

Gown features a high, apron style neck with "safety release" back yoke and built-in thumb loops to prevent sleeves from sliding up on the job.

SKU: C5-31D100

Cover Me PEA4 Blue Apron

These single-use aprons are made from polyethylene, which repels water and oil in food processing, manufacturing and hygienic applications.

SKU: C5-31D524

Disposable White Poly Apron 35" X 45"

White disposable apron made from lightweight polyethylene.

SKU: C5-26IPOLY100

Heavy Duty Apron

Made with 20 mil neoprene, this apron is coated on both sides for excellent strength and durability in tough working environments.


The 6-mil Die Cut Apron is made of pure polyurethane and is reversible and fits comfortably over clothes.

SKU: C5-063645UR

White LDPE Apron 28" X 46" 1.75 mil.

White low-density polyethylene apron, 1.75mil thick for extended use.

SKU: C5-26I4050

Yellow Polyurethane Apron 35" x 48" 0.45mm

Heavy duty yellow polyurethane apron. Unisex.