Hand Cleaner, Pumice Soap

Deb Solopol Lime

Medium - heavy duty hand wash. For use on oil, grease, general dirt, and grime.


GOJO Multi Green Hand Cleaner

2L x 4 per case. 2000 mL refill for GOJO® PRO™ TDX™ dispenser.

SKU: O2-7265

GOJO Supro Max Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

2000ml x 4 per case. 2000 mL Refill for GOJO® PRO™ TDX™ Dispenser. Fast and effective heavy-duty hand cleaner with gentle scrubbers.

SKU: O2-7272

Green Pumice Hand Soap

Hand cleaner with pumice for stubborn soils on hands

SKU: O2-110424

Grime Eater Cherry Hand Cleaner with Pumice.

3.75L x 4 / case.

SKU: O2-49D04

Grime Eater Luster Sheen

4L Jug. Enriched with our exclusive skin conditioning system containing 5 natural botanical extracts.

SKU: O2-LS8400

Grime Eater Natural Orange Hand Cleaner with Pumice

Pleasing orange citrus fragrance that helps to eliminate odours and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

SKU: O2-1202A

Kresto Hand Cleaner - Tar and Paint Remover

Specialist hand cleanser with mild based solvent formulation to remove difficult adherent contaminants. 2000ml x 6 per case.

SKU: O2-98187406

Moist Towelettes

SKU: I7-23803

Nu-Hand Scrub Industrial Hand Soap

Specially formulated for industrial use

SKU: O2-15692

Solopol Med Classic Heavy-Duty Hand Cleanser

2000ml per cartridge x 6 per case. Contains all natural walnut shell scrubbers.

SKU: O2-83187

Stoko Estesol Classic - Light Duty Hand Cleaner

2000ml x 6 per case. Liquid skin cleanser for light dirt, with strong washing power and good skin compatibility.

SKU: O2-83311

Worx Waterless Hand Cleaner

4.5lB x 4 cans / case. Looking for an effective clean, but don't have access to water? No problem! This all new Worx Waterless Hand Cleaner will remove even the most difficult contaminants from your hands with or without water.

SKU: O2-11145001