Paint Care

Meguiar's 110 Ultra Pro Speed Compound

Engineered for body shop safe fast cutting with easy wipe-off and virtually no dusting.

SKU: O5-MGDM11032

Meguiar's 210 Ultra Pro Finishing Polish

Creates deep, glossy finish even on dark and sensitive paints.

SKU: O5-MGDM21032

Meguiar's DA Microfiber Finishing Wax

Rich blend of polymers, silicones and carnauba wax for high gloss protection

SKU: O5-MGDD30101

Meguiar's Da Microfibre Correction Compound

Super-micro abrasive technology that quickly removes moderate defects while creating a high gloss.

SKU: O5-MGDD30001

Meguiar's Synthetic Xpress Spray Wax

Easy mist on and wipe off durable protection

SKU: O5-MGD15601

Meguiar's Ultra Cut Compound

Super micro abrasive technology that cuts ultra fast!

SKU: O5-MEGM10501

Meguiar's Ultra Finishing Polish

Advanced technology formula provides deep gloss and rich, swirl-free results.

SKU: O5-MEGM20501

Meguiar's Ultra Polishing Wax

All-in-one product that allows for considerable defect removal in a single step.

SKU: O5-MGD16601

Slick Spray Polish

SKU: O5-H185425