Extended Use Wipers

WYPALL X60 Wipers

9.1" x 16.8"

SKU: E4-34790

Q-Star Microfibre Cloth

16" x 16" and 2 per pack

SKU: E9-QM7680

Teri F.P. Wiper White Wypall X60 Wipers

WypAll* X60 wipers bring the absorbing power of HYDROKNIT* technology to a lighter weight wiper.

SKU: E4-34900

Teri White Wypall X60 Washcloth

WYPALL* X60 Wipers bring the absorbing power of our HYDROKNIT* material technology to a light weight wiper, combining versatile performance and economy for light-duty tasks.

SKU: E4-34865

White Spilfyter Airlaid Roll Wipe

Highly absorbent, soft and bulky wipe.Holds twice its weight in grease, liquid or oil.

SKU: E7-61400

Woven Microfibre Cloth


WYPALL X70 Wipers

Pop-up box, 9.1" x 16.8"

SKU: E5-41455

Wypall X50 Wiper

9.1" x 12.5"

SKU: E9-83550

Wypall X60 Jumbo Roll Wipers White

12.5" x 13.4"

SKU: E7-34955

Wypall X60 Teri Brag Box

Pound for pound, WypAll X60 Cloths absorb more than two times as much water as rags. They bring the absorbing power of HydroKnit technology (for superior absorbency) to a lighter-weight cloth.

SKU: E9-54015

WYPALL X60 Wipers

White Roll Choose from two different sizes: 9.8" x 13.4" or 19.6" x 13.4"

SKU: E4-35401

WYPALL X60 Wipers

Blue roll. 12.5" x 13.4".

SKU: E4-34965

WYPALL X60 Wipers

12.5" x 16.8" BRAG box format.

SKU: E9-34015

WYPALL X70 Wipers

BRAG Box format. 12.5" x 16.8"

SKU: E5-41300

WYPALL X70 Wipers

White roll 9.8" x 13.4"

SKU: E7-41702

WYPALL X70 Wipers

Flat sheet box. 14.9" x 16.6"

SKU: E5-41100

WYPALL X70 Wipers

White jumbo roll, 12.5" x 13.4"

SKU: E7-41600

WYPALL X70 Wipers

Quarterfold format, 12.5" x 12"

SKU: E5-41200

Wypall X80 Jumbo Roll Wipers Red

Every business gets dirty... and for the toughest grease and grime, nothing performs like Wypall X80 Wipers.

SKU: E7-41055

WYPALL X80 Wipers

Red Quarterfold Format. 12.4" x 12"

SKU: E5-41029

WYPALL X80 Wipers

Blue Brag box format. 12.5" x 16.8"

SKU: E5-41041

WYPALL X80 Wipers

White Jumbo Roll. 12.5" x 13.4"

SKU: E5-41025