Atlas Graham Furgale (AGF)

10" Utility Cleaning Pad - Agressive

Black 10" aggressive pad for use with Handheld or Swivel Padlock tools. Used to strip and prepare floors for refinishing.

SKU: E9-693

11" Union Fibre Deck Brush With Squeegee

Perfect for light to heavy scrubbing of smaller floor surfaces and uneven, wood or grouted flooring.

SKU: O4-336

AG Solstice - T-Bar with Scrubber

Features a sturdy polypropylene t-bar paired with a cut pile microfibre scrubbing sleeve

SKU: O4-46514

AGF Dust Mop Metal Frame

For use with a tie-on dust mop. Available in various sizes

SKU: O4-41718

Counter Brush

SKU: O6-812

Delicate Surfaces Ultrafibre Hand Cloth - Blue

These silky blue microfibre cloths remove fingerprints, oils and dirt from glass and chrome, leaving behind only a gleaming, clean surface.

SKU: E9-605



SKU: O6-4K

EcoLoop Narrow Band Wet Mop

Manufactured with blue cotton-synthetic value yarn.

SKU: O4-2822

Flow Through Fountain Handle

60" x 7/8" flow-through handle

SKU: O4-353

Green Electrastat Tie-On Cut-End Dust Mop

Available in various sizes.

SKU: O4-24818

Grout and Crevice Brush

8.5" x 2.25" x 1"

SKU: O6-5352

Heavy Duty Corn Broom

100% corn with a 3-string/1 steel band construction

SKU: O6-762

Light Duty Corn Broom

Light duty, short handled corn broom

MicroScrub Microfibre Damp Flat Mop

40 cm in width

SKU: O4-60927

Microsilver Handyscrub

Polypropylene scrubber bristles treated with Silver Ion technology won't start to smell even if they stay damp for an extended amount of time.

SKU: E9-60360

Push Broom - Synthetic Fibre

A fine fibre push broom with soft, synthetic fibres.

SKU: O4-58118

Red Microfibre Ultrasilver General Purpose Hand Cloth

AGF Ultrasilver hand cloths combine the cleaning power of Millentex microfibre with the antibacterial benefit of silver.

SKU: E9-60370

Round Dual Action Bowl Brush

Toilet bowl/urinal brush

SKU: O4-823

Satin Finish Narrow Band Wet Mop

For finishing wax

SKU: O4-1752

Scrubber Holder

With swivel head

SKU: O6-166

Tuff Stuff Green Wet Mop

Synthetic/cotton blend.

SKU: O4-1702

Wooly Wonder - Flex

The Wooly Wonder Flex duster comes on a fixed 28" handle, perfect for dusting within arm's reach.

SKU: O4-312

Wooly Wonder Superflex

Pink, 32-60" adjustable handle, natural lambswool duster

SKU: O4-310