Limited Use Wipers

Spilfyter H.D. White Pop out Box Wipes

Spilfyter Heavy-Duty Pop-Out Box Wipes have a polished Industrial look. The Board strength has also been improved by over 20%!

SKU: E9-50900

WYPALL L10 Utility Wipers

9" x 10.25"

SKU: E2-05320

Wypall L20 Brown Wiper

12.5" x 16.8".

SKU: E2-58399

WYPALL L20 Wipers

Center-pull roll format. White. 9.8" x 13.4"

SKU: E7-47758

WYPALL L20 Wipers

Quarterfold Format. 12.5" x 12"

SKU: E2-47000

WYPALL L20 Wipers

2 ply, tan coloured. 12.5" x 14.4"

SKU: E2-47011

Wypall L30 White Wipers

12.5" x 12"

SKU: E9-05812

Wypall L30 Economizer Jumbo Roll

WYPALL* L30 Wipers in a Jumbo roll format. Ideal for general purpose, light duty cleanups.

SKU: E9-05841

Wypall L30 Pop-up Wiper

16.4" x 9.8"

SKU: E9-05800

Wypall L40 1/4 Fold Wipers

12.5" x 12"

SKU: E9-05600

WYPALL L40 Wipers

Small Roll, white. 11" x 10.4"

SKU: E9-05027

WYPALL L40 Wipers

White Jumbo Roll. 12.5" x 13.4"

SKU: E5-05007