Sanitizers Food Processing

Acid Sanitizer

Multi-use compound combining scale remover and sanitation

SKU: O2-0046CPIN0016L

Agri Health Guard

Multi-use quat sanitizer

SKU: O2-0170CPIN0016L

Alcohol Sanitizer 70

A no-rinse alcohol sanitizer with 70% isopropyl alcohol for both hands and hard surfaces.

SKU: O2-0730CPIN0006L

Biograde GT

All purpose odour controller and waste degrader

SKU: O2-11208

Chlor San 12

12% Sodium hypochlorite solution

SKU: 02-11026

Chlor San 6

6% Sodium hypochlorite solution

SKU: O2-11025

CP Persan

Peracetic (Peroxyacetic) acid sanitizer 5%

SKU: O2-068220L

Final Rinse

Disinfectant for pre-cleaned hard surfaces

SKU: O2-11197

Final Rinse 200 RTU

Hard surface disinfectant and sanitizer commonly used where disinfectant, sanitation and deodorization are of prime importance

SKU: O2-11275

Foaming Quat Cleaner

A high foaming, high detergency, quaternary cleaner with the ability to generate stable cleansing foam with deodorizing and sanitizing properties

SKU: O2-01974X4L

Ioda Rinse LF

Iodine based sanitizing rinse agent

SKU: O2-11184

Persan 15 LP

A stabilized peracetic acid sanitizer

SKU: O2-11308

Powdered Quat Sanitizer

Granular powder hard surface sanitizer

SKU: O2-0675CPIN33P


Quat based general use detergent/sanitizer

SKU: O2-0306CPIN0016L

Quat 10

10% Multi-use quat sanitizer

SKU: O2-QT104L

Quat 1000

Ready to use multi-use quat sanitizer

SKU: O2-0731CPIN0016L

Sanitizer Spray

General purpose sanitizer spray

SKU: O2-11299A

Sure 5 DIN

General purpose cleaner

SKU: O2-11143