Chlor San 12

12% Sodium hypochlorite solution

SKU: 02-11026

Chlor San 6

6% Sodium hypochlorite solution

SKU: O2-11025

DR-200 Concentrated Disinfectant

Disinfectant no rinse sanitizer

SKU: O2-15666

Mold Terminator

Kills mold, eliminates musty odours, and prevents mold regrowth

SKU: O2-11355

Quat 10

10% Multi-use quat sanitizer

SKU: O2-QT104L

Saniblend Lemon Detergent - Ready to use

Cleaner – Disinfectant – Detergent – Deodorizer – Fungicide – Mildewstat – Virucide - Tuberculoside


Sprayway Germicidal Surface Cleaner

Foaming disinfectant for surfaces such as toilet seats, fixtures, tile, wash bowls, showers, walls and countertops

SKU: O2-866DIN

Sure 5 DIN

General purpose cleaner

SKU: O2-11143

Sure 5 RTU D

An effective, one step disinfectant registered with Health Canada to combat COVID-19

SKU: O2-0732COIN00

Virox AHP 5 Virucidal Cleaner Disinfectant

A one-step disinfectant cleaner based on proprietary hydrogen peroxide

SKU: O2-53801

Zep Cleaner Disinfectant Ready to Use

RTU Cleaner Disinfectant is a multi-purpose aircraft interior cleaner and disinfectant effective in the presence of 5% serum

SKU: O2-H02501C