Safety Glasses

A600 Splash Goggles

A600 Splash goggles offer exceptional advantages over other over-the-glass (OTG) goggles for all day comfort, superior fit and climate adaptability


A700 Series - Anti Fog Safety Glasses

Economical and stylish with sport temples for a fashionable yet comfortable fit, the A700 Series are a popular choice among workers, combining a sporty wrap-around design for uncompromised peripheral vision and protection.

SKU: C5-A705

Firebird EP800 Series Safety Glasses Clear

Wraparound lightweight, frameless spectacle

SKU: C5-026EP800C

High Impact Single Lens Safety Glasses

The SS1 series features a one piece polycarbonate lens and a stylish wrap-around design that offers the user a wide area of protection.

SKU: C5-SS110

Magid Lens Cleaning Solution

Anti-fog, anti-static formula used for cleaning glasses, goggles, face shields and respirators


Nova 82-250 Visitor Safety Glasses

Designed and manufactured specifically for use as visitor safety glasses, the Nova 82-250 offer the best value for money.

SKU: C5-82D250

Nova One Piece Lens Safety Glasses

Extremely light-weight and modern, the NOVA™ One-Piece Lens Safety Glasses provide outstanding field of vision and exceptional protection.

SKU: C5-82D050

Sport Safety Glasses

Silver polycarbonate frame with coated clear lens and side shields

SKU: C5-516010000