Kresto Hand Cleaner - Tar and Paint Remover

Specialist hand cleanser with mild based solvent formulation to remove difficult adherent contaminants.

SKU: O2-98187406

Solopol Med Classic Heavy-Duty Hand Cleanser

Solvent-free heavy duty hand cleansing paste

SKU: O2-83187

Stoko Estesol Classic - Light Duty Hand Cleaner

Liquid skin cleanser for light dirt, with strong washing power and good skin compatibility

SKU: O2-83311

Stoko Vario SVP White Dispenser

Dispenser for 1000 ml and 2000 ml bags.

SKU: O2-28980606

Stoko Vario Ultra Dispenser - White

For use with Stoko® products in 1000ml (1 L) and 2000ml (2 L) Softbottles.

SKU: D8-29187