Pallet Wrap & Covers

12" x 1476' Perform XL-H Hand Wrap 40G

40 Gauge Perform Hand Wrap.


12.8" x 1476' Titan Tuff Pallet Wrap

16 mic.

SKU: D9-HFP160325

15" x 1500' 80g Black Pallet Wrap

Recommended for product concealment, outdoor storage and international shipments.


18" x 1500' Pallet Wrap 80 Gauge

Secure your deliveries with tamper-resistant stretch film.

SKU: D9-HW1880

18" x 1500' Pallet-Tite Skid Wrap 80G

4 rolls per Case. 36 cases per Skid.


20" x 1000' 80G Extended Core Pallet Wrap with Handles

80 Gauge. Extended Core.


3" x 1500' 80 Gauge Pallet Wrap

Gauge: 80

SKU: D9-205140

30.5cm x 0.019mm x 450m Pallet Wrap 65 Gauge

4 rolls per case.

SKU: D9-PW10

30.5cm x 0.134mm x 450m Pallet Wrap Strong

4 rolls per case.

SKU: D9-PW40

325mm x 450m Performance Plus Pallet Wrap

This is a standard performance soft blown (noisy) film with the flexibility and strength to meet all your application requirements.

SKU: D9-HW32519

330MM X 450M Sigma Premium Perform Hand Wrap

Premium grade, quiet, high clarity film, with less neck-down.

SKU: D9-HCC131463

5" x 1500' 80G Sigma Stretch Cast Banding Film

Banding or Bundling Stretch Film perfect for wrapping, banding, closing, protecting and tying.

SKU: D9-HWD580

Pallet Cover 53" x 45" x 63"

Clear 2 Mil bag. 53" x 45" x 63".

SKU: D9-53X45X63

Premium Hand Stretch Wrap Dispenser 12" -20" Core

This high quality, Canadian made, dispenser will accommodate 12" - 20" hand wrap.