Flat Mop Systems

Antimicrobial Wet Mop

SKU: O4-2952

Electrastat Blue-Tie-On

Blue synthetic yarn


Flat Mop Handle Rabco

Our commercial grade flat mop handle is telescopic, and extends to 72" in length to clean high areas.

SKU: E9-3633670

Frame - Kwik System Velcro

Built with high-grade extruded aluminum and composites for light weight but extreme durability.

Frame - Plastic Flat Mop Velcro

All plastic velcro flat frame

Microblue Microfibre Damp Flat Mop

Can be used both dry and damp

SKU: O4-60728

MicroScrub Microfibre Damp Flat Mop

40 cm in width

SKU: O4-60927

Microsilver Microfibre Dust Mop

Microsilver dust mop features a low-pile microfibre pad surrounded by candy-stripe microfibre fringe. Available in 2 sizes.

Microsilver Microfibre Finish Mop

The Microfinish flat mop combines 5-layer engineering, microfibre and Silver Ion technology to create the perfect finish applicator.

Microsilver Microfibre Scrub Mop

The Microsilver Velcro scrub flat mop combines 5-layer engineering, Microfibre and Silver Ion technology with stripes of scrubbing fibres.

Rubbermaid Flexi Frame

Unique frame conforms to the shape of the surface being cleaned.

SKU: O4-Q855

Rubbermaid Microscrub Pad for Flexi Frame

Microfibre pad with scrubber strips.

SKU: O4-Q881

Rubbermaid Pad Damp for Flexi Frame

Zig-zag microfibre pattern. Withstands multiple launderings.

Rubbermaid Quick Connect Handle

For use with Rubbermaid Quick Connect Head.

Rubbermaid Quick Connect Head

Aluminum with stainless steel fastenings. For use with Rubbermaid Quick Connect Handle.

Rubbermaid Spray Flat Mop System

Microfibre pad is washable and reusable. Features a non-scratch scrubbing pad. 22 oz. refillable bottle.

Spray Flat Mop System

SKU: O4-256144