7oz. Aerosol Air Freshener Citrus Grove

Refresh the air with this pleasing citrus scented spray. Ideal for restrooms, offices, hospitals and nursing homes

SKU: O2-07931

7oz. Aerosol Air Freshener Fresh Linen

Behind on laundry? Fake it with this fresh linen scent. Keep this ready-to-spray aerosol can handy and you can refresh the air wherever you are.

SKU: O2-07918

7oz. Aerosol Air Freshener Mango Madness

Dreaming of somewhere tropical? We can offer you tropic in a can with this mango scented bring-it-anywhere aerosol.

SKU: O2-07917

7oz. Aerosol Air Freshener Orchard Spice

Imagining a frollick through orchard fields? This ready-to-spray orchard scented aerosol will make your daydream feel real.

SKU: O2-07930

Clean Check Urinal Screen Eucalyptus Fragrance

This light blue urinal screen will work wonders on urinals in need of deodorizing, clogging and more.


Health Gards Toilet Seat Liquid Cleaner

Cleans quickly and evaporates instantly

SKU: O2-86300

Health Guard Toilet Seat Covers

A cost effective, sanitary method of meeting personal hygiene needs in public restrooms.

SKU: D7-HGD1000