Miscellaneous Food Service Items

Allen's White Vinegar

Aged and filtered food-grade pure white vinegar.

SKU: O2-70010

Chafing Dish

4 hour Chafing Dish with wick burns for up to 4-6 hours. Twist cap allows for storage and reuse. Standard wick provides a medium width steady flame. 

SKU: I7-1110

Chlorine Test Strips

Hydrion Chlorine Test Paper provides a simple, reliable and economical means to measure the concentration of free available chlorine in sanitizing solutions. With colour matches at 10-50-100-200ppm, the test paper measures concentrations between 10-200ppm.

SKU: I7-CM240

Cone Grease Filter

Perfect for seasonal concession stands, snack bars, or sandwich shops that occasionally fry foods.

SKU: I7-L003

Disposable Piping Bag

Are you tired of spending more time washing your piping bags and less time decorating cakes? We have the answer with disposable piping bags. One-way hygienic disposable piping bags.

SKU: I7-2100CG

Fruit Fly Trap

Tired of pesky fruit flies? Here's your solution.

SKU: S1-MS0502

Grade A XL Pulp Egg Carton

Pulp Egg Cartons maintain product freshness and have the added benefit of being biodegradable. Pulp packaging is the natural choice to protect your egg investment.

SKU: H4-09022

GripLite Tray

GripLite® Polypropylene tray. Available in different sizes.

SKU: S1-1400GL

Redpath Sugar Packets

3.5 g packets. Convenient sugar packets are perfect for any office coffee station


Steady Eddie Table Stabilizer

Steady Eddie is a simple and effective table stabilizer for use in a variety of restaurant, hospitality and facilities management applications.


Sugar Twin Original Packets

Sugar Twin Original is the calorie free sweetener that tastes like sugar 

SKU: I7-80597183

Test Papers

Each carton contains 10 kits, each consisting of a 15-foot roll of test paper and matching color chart.


The Original Fruit Fly Trap

A reusable, chemical free fruit fly trap.

SKU: S1-MS0502

Twist Ties