Lloyds Acetone

A relatively strong solvent that dissolves 2-part epoxies before they set, making it perfect for cleaning fibreglass-repair tools and thinning fibreglass resins. It can also be mixed with water to clean vinyl or fibreglass surfaces.

SKU: O2-94620

Lloyds Brake Cleaner

Instantly removes brake fluid oil, transmission fluid, grease, brake dust and other contaminants from all types of brake assemblies.

SKU: O2-51320

Lloyd's Eco Air

Air conditioning and heating system odour treatment.

SKU: O2-41810

Lloyds Fog It

Battery terminal and engine storage spray.

SKU: O2-61114

Lloyds Kleens - It Citrus Degreaser

Used to help dissolve and remove dirt, grease, tar and many adhesive residues.

SKU: O2-51120

Lloyds Kleens - It Electronic Contact Cleaner

A natural blend of 4 alcohols engineered to flush and clean dust, dirt and contaminants with no damaging effects to plastics, metals, synthetics, electrical components and circuit boards.

SKU: O2-53210

Lloyds MOOVIT Hi-Performance Penetrating Lubricant

Simply spray on for fast, long-lasting lubrication.

SKU: O2-11014

Lloyds Sanitary Lubricant

Sanitary lubricant suitable for use on dairy and food processing equipment where contact with food may occur.

SKU: O2-41414