Scrub Brushes

Short Handle Pot Brush



11" Union Fibre Deck Brush With Squeegee

Perfect for light to heavy scrubbing of smaller floor surfaces and uneven, wood or grouted flooring.

SKU: O4-336

Bottle Brush

SKU: O4-RTBB9234

Counter Brush

SKU: O6-812

Grout and Crevice Brush

8.5" x 2.25" x 1"

SKU: O6-5352

Iron Scrub Brush

Synthetic iron shaped scrub brush, can get into hard-to-reach corners.

Long Handled Pot Brush


Rubbermaid Commercial Counter Brush

The brush is great for sweeping counters and those who like quick clean-ups.

SKU: O6-634200SILV

Scrub Brush 20"

Available in several colours

Scrub Brush 9"

Available in several colours

Scrub Brush with Handle



Soap Dispensing Brush

With a simple twist of the neck brings bristles together to turn your everyday palm brush into a heavy-duty scrubber!

SKU: O4-RTSD9174

Utility Scrub Brush - 20" Stiff Poly

20" stiff utility brush with polypropylene bristles.

Utility Scrub Brush - 9" Medium

9" handle with medium stiff, natural bristles.

Utility Scrub Brush - 9" Poly Stiff

9" handle with stiff white polypropylene fibres.